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Enfield Loaves and Fishes is extremely pleased to announce a “Cargo Van Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” was held on Thursday 06-12-08 near the Gazebo on the Town Green. The Enfield Woman’s Club partnered with Enfield Loaves and Fishes and together raised funds necessary to purchase the cargo van. (Numerous other donors were also part of this extremely important effort to acquire a vehicle large enough to transport large amounts of food stuffs and other critical supplies to keeping the Soup Kitchen operational.) Other donors include: the State of Connecticut Department of Labor Employees Fund, Maine Fish Market and Restaurant, North Central Connecticut United Way, Antanocci Family, Civitan Club, Riley’s Dance Studio, CVS Pharmacy Corporation, North Central Connecticut Professional Women’s Club, Moose Club; along with many wonderful private, business, and civic organization.

The Cargo Van Fund was initially started in January, 2007 by women in the Civitan Club.Various other donations were received over the following months.

Then, the Enfield Women’s Club accepted the “challenge” organized by Carol Censki to help Enfield Loaves and Fishes acquire a cargo van. Through the leadership of the Women’s Club, more donations started to appear. It was unbelievable. It was simply amazing. We, the Soup Kitchen, were going to receive a cargo van after twenty years of effort. Politicians became involved, civic organizations began more fundraisers.

We were seeing large steps toward the goal. We could actually imagine what the van would look like. Even the accessories were starting to take shape. Is it reality? Can it be? Yes! The open bid winner was Topor Motor Sales, Chicopee, Mass. who arranged for each modification to be completed to our expectation, while maintaining rapid turn around time.

Thank you Enfield Women’s Club. Thank you Enfield. Thank you to each one of you who made this tremendous achievement possible. Enfield Loaves and Fishes (Soup Kitchen) has been blessed to purchase a cargo van that will allow us to transport food to feed the hungry in the area for many years to come. We offer our admiration, appreciation and love.