Hunger Has No Season™

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Introduction to Loaves and Fishes PowerPoint

Enfield Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen continues to provide record numbers of meals in our committed effort to improve the overall well being of our community. This year we have increased the amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products made available to our guests to proactively improve their health. This past year Enfield Loaves and Fishes was honored to serve 45,383 meals, which includes 18,646, or approximately 41 percent of these meals, served to children.  Another 9,175 snacks were served to children participating in after school programs of Educational Resources for Children (ERfC). Additionally, 6,353 total meals were provided for home consumption to families in emergency situations.

Christmas for young people of all ages was celebrated on 12/18/06.  Students and youth groups from as far away as Somers and Granby adorned the building with Christmas decorations and lights. Some assisted the adults in various food preparation activities, and then participated as waiters and waitresses to serve our guests “restaurant style”, while others were Santa’s Elves to ensure that every adult and child received gifts. A few families had a sponsor or sponsors who provided gifts to each family member. Attending the Christmas celebration dinner were 153 adults and 62 children. For entertainment, guests were led in song with keyboard music accompaniment provided by a volunteer. Following the dinner, Santa distributed gifts to over 125 children who stopped in for a visit.  Adults received gifts as well.

Guest services extend beyond warm, nutritious food served in a family atmosphere and include resources regarding job opportunities, social services, nearby rents, and medical assistance. This year we were able to provide free flu shots to our adult guests. Many social organizations, schools, churches, and local businesses helped provide monetary and/or volunteer support to enable Enfield Loaves and Fishes to keep up with increasing demands to aid and feed the needy. We are now able to provide meals seven days a week.

This Soup Kitchen has a wonderful support system of volunteers and much needed community assistance. Our volunteers graciously donate their time, talent, and love—key ingredients that go into providing each colorful, nutritious and delicious serving of food for our guests. If it were not for their kindness and generosity, this valuable mission to end hunger could not be sustained. In return, many of us have been rewarded by seeing the smiles on our guests’ faces, by hearing their genuine words of thanks, or by witnessing the assistance of these grateful guests when asked to pitch in.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all our guests, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who share in this worthwhile effort. Know that your kindness is much appreciated. May your generosity be multiplied many fold and returned to you.